5 Video Marketing hacks for small businesses in 2017

Video marketing is huge already & is only getting bigger everyday. Big brands are investing a sizable portion of their advertisement budget in creating good video campaigns, as it’s quite evident that people have started to engage better with video content online today.

In contrast, smaller companies are just content with blogs as their only form of content marketing strategy. We find that they are not very keen to join the video marketing wave for a reason – they consider the process of creating good video content as quite expensive, which can be affordable only for bigger brands (which is not actually true).

This mindset of other smaller companies from the same market place can be your big opportunity as a small entity yourself. By creating a series of solid video content & promoting them well, you can reach your target audience effectively, create excellent awareness for your brand & establish yourself as the market leader in a short span of time.

The following are the 5 effective video marketing hacks, which we have put together after considerable research, & we hope they will offer you better guidance about the whole process of Video marketing.

1) Create effective video content

how to create video

• Research As in most campaigns, research has to be the first step here too, in determining various specifics like

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are the current trends in your industry?
  • What is your company’s USP?
  • How much can you spend on creating & promoting a video content?

Spend good time in collecting & crunching the relevant data to plan an effective video marketing campaign.

• Quality – Although the quality of video is as important as the message it conveys, don’t go overboard with expensive camera, rigs, equipment etc for your first campaign. Just make use of the free resources available – Vacant office space/land, Friend with good camera/lens, Wannabe artists/musicians etc.

A simple video is enough to start your video marketing campaign, but ensure that it’s content rich & professional looking. You video can be of any type – Advertisement, Founder speech, Customer testimonial, Educational – but it should connect well with the audience & leave a good impression about your brand.

• Run time   People have less attention span today & it’s quite hard to get them to focus for more than a minute to watch a promo video. So, sticking to a 60-second mark for your video content can be a safe option. Your real challenge will be to leave a mark in people’s mind about your brand within that duration.

• Subtitle – Add subtitles to your videos, or atleast include captions in between. Do you know that 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound? So, it’s always better to add subtitles to them, or if your video is without much speech, then include some captions, at least, in-between. Subtitles also help, when you want to cater to that small percentage of people in your locality who don’t speak your language.

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 2) Promoting the video in YouTube  &  Facebook

facebook and youtube


First Stop: Youtube

A lot has been written & said about how effectively Youtube can be used to promote your brand. If you had decided to try video marketing, then you must start to learn as much as possible about Youtube video optimization tips.

Next stop : Facebook.

Youtube may still be the No.1 channel for Video distribution, but it has now lost the monopoly status it enjoyed for more than a decade, as Facebook has emerged a strong contender in the recent years. Mark Zuckerberg has recently said ‘Within 5 years, Facebook will be mostly video’, which is a clear sign of the path Facebook is going to take. Facebook is gearing up for a fierce battle with Google for video distribution supremacy, which should actually benefit companies doing video marketing.

As a business entity, you can post your videos directly in your Facebook page, and it will reach your friends, followers & fans instantly.

And don’t forget Facebook Live. They are the current rage & you must learn how to use them to your advantage. You can share your knowledge, offer advice, conduct webinars, showcase new products, get feedback etc using FB live.

3) Post your video in every other channel available

video sharing social medias

As a small company, you must look to use every free resource available to increase brand awareness. Post your videos in sites like Vimeo, Daily Motion, Metacafe etc, as they also have a sizable share – according to industry statistics Vimeo, Daily Motion & Metacafe, in total, gets around 400 million visitors every month. Who knows how many of them could be from your region? All you have to do is spend few minutes in creating an account & uploading the video content in those sites.

Instagram has over 500 million monthly active users; so, Instagram video marketing  is a must for all small businesses.

Likewise in Snapchat, 5 billion videos are being watched everyday. So, you must learn to promote your video content in Snapchat too.

Periscope, a mobile live streaming app, is already proving to be a great video marketing tool & you can use it in a similar way as Facebook live to promote your brand.

Finally, don’t forget to add a link of all the video content to your website. Apart from helping in SEO by reducing the bounce rate, videos in your website can give your company a personality, encourage regular visitors, offer better engagement & convey your message effectively to your potential customers.

4) Include videos in emails

video email news letter

Email marketing, arguably, has the best ROI among all forms of digital marketing & we hope you are already doing it. If not, start immediately by learning the ropes of email marketing.

It has been found that using videos in email has several benefits –

  • 50% increase in click through rates
  • 40% more time spent reading mails
  • 40% more email sharing
  • 25% increase in conversion rates
  • 300% higher ROI than traditional email marketing

Looking at all the amazing numbers here, it definitely makes good sense to add videos in your email newsletters as often as possible.

As only 20% of the marketers are following the video email strategy currently, you can distinguish your brand from the crowd, by being an early adopter.

 5) Repurpose your existing content into videos

Video blog

If you have been blogging as part of your content marketing strategy for a while, then you could now be having a lot of written material, which can be easily converted as video content & used for video marketing.

How does the blog content get repurposed into vlog content? It’s quite simple.

  • Segregate the blog into a series of slides.
  • Add relevant images to the slides
  • Create a video montage.
  • Add voice over to explain the points.
  • Save it (It’s a narrated power point now).
  • Share it in all social media channel

As an additional incentive, these slides can be posted in Slideshare as well, which will add tremendous value to your SEO strategy.

With online video contents fast becoming a key means for people to fulfill their information needs, small brands that take the initiative to embrace it as part of their digital marketing strategies will see rapid growth.