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Diploma in Film & Television Editing

film editing courses in chennai
film editing courses

Film editing courses in Chennai – Student testimonial

I joined Web D School because the class room atmosphere is very well and using latest technology software they proving training to students. Trainer taking class very well. Web D School is the best institute to learn Film editing course in Chennai.

-K.Suman (Film Editing Course)

Film Editing course

Getting started - Why should you learn Video editing?

Many young students have started to choose Video editing as their career off late, as they love the visual medium & also want to be a part of the entertainment field. The opportunity for editing professionals has also increased manifold now with a remarkable rise in the quantity of Films, Advertisements, Satellite TV programs, Short films, Music videos, Web content etc being made today.

What is video / film editing?

According to Wikipedia, film editing is a creative and technical part of the post-production process of filmmaking. A film or video editor is responsible for assembling recorded raw material into a fine finished product that's suitable for broadcasting. The raw material may include camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and visual effects. This is an important role in the post-production process and an editor’s skills can determine the quality of the final product.

Film editing course @ Web D School

At Web D School, we have clearly understood that Editing is not just the process of cutting and joining videos, but it is more about developing a keen eye for style, pace, and timing. Students are taught all the skills and techniques required to edit Feature films, Advertisement videos, TV programs, Documentaries, News stories, Short films, Music videos, Montages, Promo videos etc.

We, at Web D School, hire professional movie editors from the industry to teach ‘Film Editing courses’ to our students, which would be highly beneficial for them in terms of getting to learn the latest trends followed by the professionals & production studios today.

Apart from teaching the mere technicalities of editing to the students, we allow them to work in a real project during the course, thus making them learn the craft by going through various stages of editing like Logging, First assembly, Rough cut & variations, First cut, Fine cut, Final cut & color grading. We also help them in developing an excellent showreel at the end of their course, which would showcase their skills to the prospective employers.

We also offer 1 - month internship in a professional editing studio, where we make them work on various live projects like Trailers, Advertisements, Music videos etc.

There are many institutes that offer Film editing training in Chennai, but none can match the standards of Web D School in terms of quality teaching & the number of value additions offered alongside the course.

Few things about us that you should know


Unlimited Lab Hours - No restrictions on lab hours as we allow you to practice for long hours on all 7 days in a week.

eBooks / Library Videos - Exclusive reference material for our students (only for select courses).

Student Assessment - We conduct regular assessment of Students works to understand their progress. Check our student works here to know our training standards.

Dedicated Placement Cell - It takes care of everything related to placement like Creating a good resume, Sharing interview tips, Conducting mock-up interviews, Scheduling interviews etc. Check our placement record here.

Saturday events - We conduct a seminar / contest / workshop every Saturday to increase the all-round knowledge of our students. Check our recent events here.

Portfolio Development - An excellent final project helps in securing a good job, & we provide our fullest support to the students in developing a fine portfolio.

Excellent Experience - We strive for excellence in everything we do & want all our students to have a delightful experience studying with us. Check their experience at Web D School here.

Film Editing Training Modules

Film Editing Course Modules

Module 1

Film & Video Editing - Overview

  • Introduction to the art of editing
  • Narrative and non-narrative forms
  • Linear and nonlinear Editing
  • Process of Pre-production
  • Understanding Screenplay structure
  • Film and Video formats
  • Types of Cameras and shots
  • Understanding Video and Sound (Audio) Foley
  • Scene composition & visualization
  • Shot division
  • Film and TV Edit planning, Breakdown and Assembly
  • Other Post Production Processes
  • Understanding VFX & Digital Intermediate

Module 2

Photoshop & Audio Editing

  • Introduction to image editing
  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • RAW File Editing
  • Retouching & Restoration
  • Color Correction
  • Image Compositing
  • Photoshop Filters and plugins
  • Working with Audio (Sound Forge)
  • Audio File Formats
  • Mono/Stereo
  • Adding background music
  • Audio transitions
  • Fade in/out
  • Fixing audio issues

Module 3

Video Editing (AVID + FCP)

  • Principles of Editing
  • Preparing to Edit in AVID / FCP
  • Video Formats
  • Audio in Post Production
  • Time code
  • Capturing Techniques
  • Frame Aspect
  • Creating a Rough Cut
  • Video Transition
  • Advanced Offline and Online Editing
  • Multiple Tracks Timeline
  • Advanced Trimming
  • Creating Subclips with Marker
  • Usage of Filters
  • Color correction techniques
  • Sequence Setting
  • Creating title effects
  • Managing Rendering
  • Exporting Edit Decision List (EDL)
  • Final Master CD / DVD.
  • DI process
  • Project work

Module 4

Digital FX (After Effects)

  • Introduction to After effects
  • 2D & 3D Compositing
  • Animation
  • Tracking
  • Color Correction
  • Title Animation
  • Creating Motion Poster
  • Final show-reel development

Software covered

Career opportunities

Course Duration

The Film & Television editing course in Chennai, at Web D School, will make you an Editing professional & shall give you all the necessary skills needed to become a successful Editor.

Please call us at 9791333350 to get more details about our Film editing courses in Chennai or kindly contact us through our enquiry form.

Top student queries - Subject

Film editing is a process of going through several footages of video shot by the director & choosing the appropriate shots to form a good sequence. Learning the process of editing is very simple, but one needs to practice for long hours to get the grasp of the subject.

Passion for the subject & basic computer knowledge are the only prerequisites before you enroll with us for Film editing course. We start the course from the basics & cover every single process in detail; So, you can learn Film editing without any prior knowledge about the subject.

Yes. If you look at our course curriculum, you will understand how comprehensive it is, when compared to other institutes. Also, we teach you the latest version of the editing software & keep our students updated about the current trends & techniques followed in the editing field.

This choice entirely depends on the student’s interest & his/her objective in learning the editing course. If the purpose is to get a career in films or in Satellite channels, then its better to choose between Avid or FCP, as Premiere pro is not favored in these industry in India. If the purpose is to work only on simple video editing like Short films, Wedding videos, Corporate videos etc, Premiere pro is sufficient.

Some film editors use Avid & others use FCP, & it’s the same situation with satellite channels too. So we would suggest that you learn both, as it would increase your career opportunities. But it’s up to you to decide, depending upon your interest & requirement.

We employ professional editors from the film & television industry to train our students. These editors have their own studios & they allow their students to work on most of their projects, be it advertisements, trailer cuts, music videos etc as part of their training. Most of our students have worked in many such real-time projects in the past, courtesy the trainers. Having said that, we cannot give assurances about live projects to all students, but we create some good projects ourselves & offer them to our Video editing students to work on.

Every company, which operates in the entertainment space, needs Video editing professionals. To name a few verticals as career option for editors – Films, TV Channels, Elearning, Editing studios, Advertisement companies, Internet content providing companies, Web TV, Post production studios & many more.

There is a phenomenal increase in the amount of video being consumed by people on daily basis in the last few years & it is touted to grow even more rapidly in the coming years. People have taken up to videos in a big way – be it short films, music videos, satires, reviews, news, etc & many video content producing companies are thriving today due to this demand. This popularity of video content has increased the demand for video editors too & there are multiple career opportunities for editing professionals today.

We provide 100% placement assistance & our placement record is 100% too. Apart from having a dedicated placement cell, that helps the students in securing good jobs with leading companies, we have an exclusive job portal, where the prospective employers directly post various jobs everyday.

So, if you are looking to do Film editing courses in Chennai, our “Diploma in Film & Television editing” program could be tailor-made for you.

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